Sunday, May 11, 2008

Great show today! New Co-Host! New Show Banner!

We had an excellent show today. Thomas Hughes (Smiter) was the guest, and Dave Ortiz of Four Corners Crypto filled in for JC today as JC is on the road with Tom Biscardi. Janice Carter debuted as my new second co-host and she's wonderful. I even had Luke Gross of Texas call in to tell me he recorded the exact same sounds last night in a ravine in Texas that I recorded several weeks ago in the ravine behind my house here in Oregon. Hopefully Luke will send me a copy of the sounds he recorded so I can compare them to the ones I recorded. Very significant in my opinion. I also now have a publisher for my book. Idyll Arbor Publications, who under the Pine Winds Press imprint published Valley of the Skookum and the revised Bigfoot Casebook. I am so happy. My friend also made a new banner for the show that I have now posted to this page and my blogtalk page. Thomas had interesting stories and he plans to come back on the show soon. The show is starting to take off and it will only get better.

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