Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wonderful show today!!!!

We had a wonderful One Year Anniversary show today. My dad called in, as did a surprise guest: Igor Bourtsev, from Russia! He talked about his research in Russia. It was a wonderful anniversary surprise. The show ran excellent aside from a crank caller that I dealt with quickly. I was hoping to get other long time listeners to call in to give their thoughts and reflections on the show but that's okay. Maybe they will for the 2nd Anniversary show. Thank you, Janice for arranging for Igor to call the show. I will be the guest on the No-Kill Zone Friday July 4th at 5:30 pm Eastern time. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for listening.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Great show over the weekend

We had an excellent show last Sunday, with Rich from California as the guest. He will return along with Randy from Canada on July 13, as elements of their stories are near identical, and these two have never met each other. This weekend will be the one year anniversary for the Bigfoot Mystery. Thanks for listening.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Activity in the Ravine tonight

I had activity in the ravine tonight. And this time I wasn't alone in witnessing it. My girlfriend Tracey wanted to see the deck that over looks the ravine, so we walked down to to the deck. Ahead of us in the ravine we heard movement. Whatever was moving was big and moving on two feet. Tracey's two daughters were also with us. We listened to it move and Tracey saw some branches move ahead of us. I couldn't tell how far away. Probably 100 feet or so. We whistled several times and we got a response- from another part of the ravine. There were apparently two of them. Whatever was responding to us was hooting at us in a deep voice. Tracey said she had never heard anything like it before. I unfortunately did not have my digital camera or voice recorder. I was caught completely unaware. This whole incident lasted about 20 minutes. We plan on going down to the deck Wednesday night, to see if we can repeat what happened tonight. This time I will have my equipment near by.

Great show yesterday!

We had a great show yesterday with returning guest Randy from Canada, who told more of his interesting stories. We also had a crank caller but he was dealt with in quick fashion. Henry May is now the second co-host of The Bigfoot Mystery. Henry is an asset to any show and I am honored to have him as a part of my team. I am planning something big for the year anniversary show coming up on June 29th.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Excellent show yesterday!

We had an excellent show yesterday. A gentleman named Randy from Canada was our guest and he related all his experiences to us, which are continuing to this day in an area near his home in British Columbia. He is a newcomer to the Bigfoot field, having his first experience back in 2006. He said several key things, most notably the fact that a female Sasquatch he saw had a braid in her hair and a ponytail. This is key because in M.K. Davis' analysis of the 1967 film, he found that the creature in the film had a pony tail and braid in her hair. Randy doesn't even know who M.K. Davis even is and has never heard of the things M.K. found in the 1967 film. Here we have two different people who have never met or talked who are seeing the same things, one in a 40 year old film and one in Canada who saw the same thing on a female Sasquatch in the past two years. To me this is very significant. There may be something to M.K.'s findings. Hopefully more people will be more open-minded about it. I will try to get Randy back on the show next week.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sad news- JC on the road indefinitely with the Biscardis; searching for new co-host

I would like to inform everyone out there that JC Johnson of Four Corners Crypto will not be co-hosting with myself and Janice Carter for the time being as he is indefinitely on the road with the Biscardi team. I will miss him greatly. he helped make the show. I will be changing the show's banner soon and be searching for a replacement for JC. If anyone out there wishes to step in please feel free to contact me. Thanks for listening.

Good show today

We had a good show today. Luke Gross returned for a second part of his interview. Henry May stepped in for Janice as Janice had something she had to take care of. I am thinking about making Luke a permanent part of the show. I am done writing Chapter 12 of my book and am currently working on Chapter 13. The book is almost done.