Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The show is back!

I brought the show back after a lengthy hiatus. More for something to do than anything else. My return was pretty well-received. But I will only schedule shows when I have a guest for them. Luckily I got Indy from USBRA Radio as my guest on January 6. I will try to figure out something for this weekend, but if I can't find a guest then I won't schedule a show. I have removed the pic of the ravine that shows where my house is for safety reasons.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Today's Show

In my opinion, I had a mediocre show. I revealed my true name due to an e-mail I got who said they weren't going to listen to my show because I was using Thunderhawk. My revealing was received very well, although I did make Eric Altman mad, and that was not my intent. I just don't want very many researchers involved in my ravine incidents. I have someone helping me that I trust. I don't think I'm going to schedule any more shows right now until I feel like doing it. I just feel bad for some reason. That's all.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Good show tonight.

We had a good show tonight. I talked about the ravine and the goings-on on the property and how there are a series of ravines running from Mt. Hood and the Columbia River through right behind my house. My theory is that is how these creatures are travelling without being seen; they're using the ravines to keep from being seen. I will keep everyone posted.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nearly had an encounter tonight

I nearly had an encounter tonight. Something thudded against the house and I went to see what it was and I found out I was home alone. So I went outside and I smelled that smell again that I have been smelling every time these creatures get close to the property. So I immediately called Autumn and I took the phone outside with me and another rock or something hit the house. I went to the bottom of the stairs on the deck and about 50 feet away from me behind a big tree something with red eyes was staring back at me. It lasted for about two minutes- I was on the phone with Autumn the whole time- until a car headlight came down the road and the eyes went out. Then one of my roommates turned on the bathroom light in the small house that sits on the property where my roommate saw a Bigfoot looking in at her a few weeks ago and whatever it was moved through the bushes back down into the ravine. Wow. It was frightening and exciting at the same time.

Good shows today and last week

Well, I had some good shows today and last week. Last week I had several members of NESRA (Northeastern Sasquatch Researchers Association) on and they gave a report on a recent expedition they had. Today Bob and I talked about how witnesses and researchers would be more credible in the eyes of the scientific community and the public in general. My switchboard cut out and I lost Bob when he was on a roll, but I carried on the best I could. Hopefully Blogtalk can fix these problems. I'm thinking about doing a second show on Tuesday nights. I'm not sure yet. I want everyone's opinions on doing a second show per week before I schedule anything. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good show tonight; Bigfoot activity in ravine behind my house

Well, we had a good show tonight despite Bob being unavailable due to a prior commitment. I did the show tonight due to the fact that I couldn't do my normal Sunday show due to technical difficulties which I have now fixed. I have Bigfoot activity going on around the property I'm living on now. Where I'm living has had a history of activity, some of it as recent as last year. Henry May, Billy Willard, and Bill Green joined me and we talked about this habitation situation. Screams have been heard in this ravine behind my house; last Monday (October 1st) one of my roommates saw the form of a Bigfoot looking in her bedroom window and she told me about it the next day. A footprint was found outside the window. It was faint and was affected by the weather but it measured 13 inches long and 7 inches wide. I tried to cast it but that didn't work. I did take pictures of it and the surrounding area. Screams and strange moans have been heard, and something was digging in out garbage can late at night last week. My cat, who's usually scared of nothing, cowers behind my bed at night and rarely goes outside, which is really unusual. I am keeping an incident journal of what's been going on here. I will publish what I have on my blog in the next few days or so.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good show today despite technical difficulties

We had a good show today with Chris Julian of the Maine Bigfoot group. Despite my technical difficulties we got through it. I have my own computer now and my internet connection will be better come next week so the show should be back on track. Also- I found out today that my show is being broadcast on satellite radio! And somehow the show was talked about here on one of the local TV stations in Oregon! Talk about exposure! Thank you all for hanging in there with me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today's show

Today's show went really well. I was joined by Bob of course and by Steve Kulls and Billy Willard of the Squatch Detective blogtalk show. I will be the guest on their show on October 1.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Today's show

Well, despite some technical difficulties and my guests going AWOL. the show went pretty good. Mike Killen of the Northeast Sasquatch Researchers Association joined us as we continued our discussion on the signs of Bigfoot.As I have to use a friend's computer, I will only be checking my e-mails every Sunday. Just though I'd let everyone know that. I don't have a new computer yet but I will get one next month.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Meet my new co-host, Bob!

I'd like to welcome my new co-host, Bob from Massachusetts. He is a retired chief of police with 37 years law enforcement experience, a hunter and Bigfoot eyewitness. He will be helping me out on the show, and he's great. Just think of him as Ed McMahon to my Johnny Carson.

Great show today! Probably the best one yet!

Well, today's show was in my opinion my best one to date. Steven Miller from Illinois was on with myself and my new co-host Bob and we were also joined by Billy Willard of Sasquatch Watch Virginia. We had a round table discussion on the stick structures that we will be continuing next week. An hour just wasn't enough time to talk about the subject. Last week Henry May- Squatchopedia himself- was my guest and that was a good show as well. Looking forward to next week!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Upcoming shows for October

October will be a great month for guests for my show. On October 28 I will have Mike Killen of the Northeast Sasquatch Researchers Association fresh off the field from an expedition. I will also have Eric Altman, director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society tentatively on October 21. Should be pretty interesting shows.

Announcement: Bigfoot Mystery now a part of Squatch Media

I have an announcement: my show The Bigfoot Mystery is now a part of Squatch Media. I am honored to be a part of it. Hence I have changed my blogtalk chatroom to the Squatch Media official chatroom, so I can have more of a connection to the Sasquatch Experience. I am very honored that my show was good enough to be a part of something like this. I thank Sean Forker, Henry May, and James Baker for this and I'll try not to let them down.

Great show this week and last week

I had two great shows last week and this week. Last week my guest was Billy Willard of Sasquatch Watch Virginia and tonight I had on Henry May, one of the hosts of the Sasquatch Experience show, which comes on after mine. Both were great guests and I hope to have them on again in the future. Nothing about my contest yet, so I will keep it open until something happens with it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Show contest; win Peter Byrne's book!

Hello everyone,I have recently came to have a paperback copy of Peter Byrne's Bigfoot book, and I don't need the book as I already have it. My show will be having a contest, starting this Sunday. This contest will give everyone a chance to win this book. I will pay for the shipping for it. Here's the contest: everyone- live listeners as well as archive listeners- sends in their show ideas and who they'd like to see be the guest on my show. I will post the ideas and who sent them on my blog page and my blogtalk page, and everyone out there in internet and blogtalk land votes on which one they like the best. At the end of the time limit I will put on the voting, whomever's idea gets the most votes wins. Okay, here are the rules: the contest starts this Sunday on my show. You can either e-mail me your ideas or post them on my blog pages. THE PERSON POSTING AN IDEA HAS TO BE ABLE TO GET ME THAT PARTICULAR GUEST THEY WANT TO HEAR ON MY SHOW. You can even nominate yourself if you so desire. The submission deadline is September 2, which is when the voting will begin. The winner will be announced on the September 9th show. Example: if Joe Blow posts an idea to have say John Green on my show and his idea gets the most votes and he gets Mr. Green to be on my show, then Joe Blow wins the book. If his idea wins but he can't get Mr. Green on my show, he doesn't get the book. Another example: say Henry May nominates himself to be on my show and his idea gets the most votes and he appears on my show, then Henry wins the book. If more than one person has the same show idea, the FIRST one that I get will be the contender; the second one will count as a vote towards the same idea as the first. I have discussed this idea with several friends of mine and they say it sounds fair. I'm hpoing to get a little more audience participation, and just to do something a little fun on my show. I thought about having a trivia contest but so many people would win it outright, so I decided on the show idea thing. The contest starts this Sunday, but since you on my e-mail list are my main listeners you guys can have a special head start on this contest starting now. I will post any results Sunday night. I will also be calling in to the X-Zone show and ask Bob Heironimous a couple of questions. Don't worry;I'll be nice. Thanks for listening.Thunderhawk

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Great show today!

I had a great show today. Don Keating, of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Information Center was my guest. He was a great guest. I hope to have him on again on a future show. I did get to talk to Autumn Williams while I was in Eugene. She's doing great and I will be looking in to some reports from the Columbia River Gorge area for her. Looking forward to next week's show!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Show will have a one week hiatus

My next show will be on Sunday, August 19 at 4pm pacific, and hopefully my guest will be Don Keating. I will be in Eugene this coming weekend. I could have broadcasted my show from Eugene, but I could'nt get the 4 pm pacific time slot I wanted. Besides I will be busy with my parents'. I hope to meet with Autumn Williams that weekend if I can get in contact with her this week. Thanks for listening.

Great show today!

I had another great show today. It was better than last week's! Henry May and Bill Green both called in and we had a sort of round table discussion on all things Bigfoot. I'd love to do more shows like that. Not alot of activity in the chatroom but that's okay. I did have a few questions though from people in the chatroom. I also learned that my drawing has been used by Dr. John Bindernagel in his presentations. That's an honor. I will personally thank Dr. Bindernagel for that. I get more archive listeners than live listeners and I'm hoping that the archive listeners will want to tune into the live show. I even got to call in to Henry's show and ask his guests the murder-charges question I pose to all Bigfooters. I ask it to find out other people's opinions on that subject. Even though I received some very bad messages from people about my show, I will continue to do it as long as I can.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Drawing of the Bigfoot I saw

By accident my girlfriend googled my name and I found the drawing I did of the Bigfoot I saw that night in June of 1991. I posted it on this page and I will post it on my blogtalk page and my myspace page. I had given the drawing to Ray Crowe and Peter Byrne years ago. I thought I'd never see it again. I am not an artist and I don't think the drawing is very good. It took me awhile to draw it a long time ago. I did my best to draw what I saw that night. As I only saw the outline of the creature, alot of the finer detail I had to guess on, but I did the best I could on it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Great show today!

I had the best show I've had so far on Blogtalk radio. I had fun on Henry May's show too. I can't wait till next week's show.

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