Sunday, May 18, 2008

Good show today

Well, we had a good show today despite having trouble starting the show due to Blogtalk technical problems. Janice and JC were absent so Thomas Hughes (Smiter) stepped in on the show with me and he did great. We may have upset a few people for some "tough guy" talk we were doing, but I felt we both voiced out opinions in a non-offensive manner. We are just passionate about what we do. I apologize to anyone who got offended by the talk we did. I told of my return to Mineral Lake after 17 years and Smiter told a few of his stories. Regina and Luke Gross called into the show as well. I will be posting the pics and video of Mineral Lake here on the blog. It will tell the story much more than I could with words. I watched "Keeping the Watch" by John Johnson and it was a real good documentary.

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