Sunday, April 27, 2008

Today's show

I was nervous on my own show today. I always have trouble even today talking about my 1991 encounter. I felt that the show could have gone better if I wasn't so nervous. I always get nervous every time I tell my story, no matter to whom I tell it to. After 17 years it still affects me a great deal. I am hoping that my return trip to Mineral Lake this coming weekend will help me better deal with what I saw. In my opinion this wasn't one of my better shows, but I will let my listeners decide.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Great show tonight! Robert W. Morgan was the guest!

We had a great show tonight! The legendary Robert W. Morgan was the guest. He actually volunteered to do it. He told some great stories and I felt honored that he complimented me and wants me to work with him. I will be making a return trip to the scene of my sighting at Mineral Lake, Washington State- 17 years later- on May 3rd and I will be doing a post-trip report on the show that weekend. My book is just about done. Next week I will be retelling my sighting story and JC will have some stuff for my listeners as well.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Great shows the last two weeks

We have had great shows the last week and yesterday. Bart Nunnally and John Johnson were the guests last week, and Penny Houston was the guest yesterday. I had activity in the ravine last night and I actually got some possible screams on my digital recorder. Activity is picking up here and I'll talk about it later.