Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thoughts on the whole Georgia body debacle

I just thought I'd post some of my thoughts on the whole Georgia Bigfoot body debacle. I had such high hopes for this situation. I thought, " This is it! We've waited almost 50 years for this!" And then I saw the picture of the body in the freezer. Then I thought, "Oh, come on!" It didn't look like the Bigfoot I saw back in 1991. I was sitting on the fence with this whole thing but leaning towards it being all a hoax. After today my fears were confirmed. It is a hoax. Always has been. I don't believe there even was a body to begin with. This not only makes all the other, more legitimate researchers look like idiots in the public eye, but it may hurt Bigfoot research for a long while. We as researchers were already questionable in the public eye; now this comes out- and it's the talk of every news agency all across the country- and any credibility we had is probably gone now. I hope I'm wrong. But I will keep trudging on. Thanks for listening.

Sad News During The Show

For those of you who listened to my show live today and in the archives, during the last 15 minutes of the show I got news that my roommate had passed away, and that's why I abruptly left the show for a bit. Please send your prayers to his family. Thank you.

Great show today!

We had a terrific show today. Henry and I were joined by Janice, Bobbie Short, Bear, Steve Summar, and Randy from Canada. We talked about the whole Georgia fiasco and then we moved on to other Bigfoot related subjects. Steve said an excellent statement about the whole Georgia body thing. I wanted to not touch the subject but it was the talk of the Bigfoot community and there was really no way to avoid it. I tried not to spend too much time on it, as a few people left the chatroom because of it, but there was no real way to avoid it. Thanks for listening.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Great show today!

We had a terrific show today, with Pat Rance, Jim (Dixie Banshee), and Coonbo. Rich from California even called the show and gave us a report on the Bigfoot Discovery Days he attended, where he got to meet Bob Gimlin! My book is now finalized (I think) and I hope more people will buy it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Excellent show on Sunday!

We had a great show on Sunday with Pat Rance, Jim (Dixie Banshee), and their friend Coonbo. They all shared some great stories. They will be returning this weekend. Thanks for listening.