Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Future of the show

I am not sure whether or not to continue on with the show. I seem to be running out of things to talk about. It seems like I've covered almost every subject concerning Bigfoot on the show. I feel I'm rehashing old material by talking about the same things over and over again. I have tried to get guests to be on the show who have not been on the show yet, but they're either unavailable, have already been on a few other shows and don't want to do anymore, or refuse to come on the show because they have an issue with one of my co-hosts, which is a very silly reason if you think about it. Perhaps this show has run its course. I'd like to think it hasn't. I will try to maintain some hope for this month and see what happens. Thanks for listening.

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jcal said...

The three toed prints are interesting. I have heard of them but never have seen them. There have been Bigfoot sightings nearby where I live in Ohio. There was a nest found near Akron. A lot of these sightings are posted on Google Earth. Good Luck on whatever you decide to do.