Monday, September 15, 2008

An Announcement

Hello Everyone,
I have been doing alot of thinking and reevaluating of things going on in my life concerning the show. Unless things change with the show October 19 will be the last show. Whether this will be permanent or an indefinite hiatus I have not decided yet. Several factors have led me to this point. #1. The problem with guests. In the past month I have asked 20 different people to be guests on the show, and they were either A. unavailable, or so they tell me, B. they have already been on every other show and don't want to come onto The Bigfoot Mystery to talk about what they have already talked about on those other shows, or C. they have a problem with one of my co-hosts, a very silly reason in my opinion. I do not like to rehash old material on the show and have alot of dead air time. #2 I feel that The Bigfoot Mystery has covered every topic you could think of concerning Bigfoot, and I feel we are running out of things to talk about on the show. #3 There are over a dozen Bigfoot shows alone on blogtalk radio. I counted them. I feel I am now competing with them, and I don't like to compete with anyone. Perhaps The Bigfoot Mystery has run its course. #4 the listener base. I have noticed on all the other shows that the chatroom listeners has exceeded 50, when The Bigfoot Mystery has yet to reach 45. I have done everything in my power to promote the show, and despite what the ratings on blogtalk say I should have more listeners than I do now. Whether it's content of the show, its scheduled airtime, dislike of myself or my co-hosts, or some other factor I do not know. #5 Harrassing and insulting e-mails concerning the show. Every show host probably goes through this. I have had one listener contact me several times this week insulting myself and the show, and no matter what I tell them they keep doing it. It is getting tiresome. You can educate ignorance, but stupidity is forever. That particular listener falls into the latter in that phrase. #6 losing interest in doing the show. At first when I started the show I had a lot of fun doing it. Now I feel it is something I have to do, and when it's not fun anymore to do, then it is time to look at it differently. I'm not even asked to be a guest on any of the other shows, despite having my own encounter and publishing a book about it, but I do thank HenryMay for having me on as a guest in October on his show. I have never done anything to personally hurt anyone or said anything negative about anyone. If you are one of those who thinks I have, then I deeply apologize. I also think a big thank you needs to go out to Henry May. Henry has been there for the show no matter what and has busted his butt for The Bigfoot Mystery. I do think appreciation for everything Henry has done has been overlooked and he has been treated unjustly in some corners of the Bigfoot "community". If there was something I could have done to rectify that for him I would have done it a long time ago. If I can find someway to reward Henry I will do it. Thank you so much, Henry. Some who read this may not agree with its content, and that is fine. It is how I feel. If some out there feel I'm complaining or whining, then so be it. I don't feel I am, though. If there are those out there who'd like to see The Bigfoot Mystery continue, then I needyour help, whether it's suggestions, putting me in contact with potential guests, or even being a guest yourself on the show, then I welcome them all. Thank you for listening.
Darin, aka Thunderhawk


Reality Rant said...

I would be very disappointed if the show was canceled.

Thunderhawk's Bigfoot Blog said...

I am very sorry you feel that way. But I feel I have legitimate reasons as to why I have made my decision. Why would you be disappointed if the show ended? There are other, better Bigfoot shows out there. It's hard to have a show if there's nothing to talk about and no one wants to be a guest on it.

Tianca said...

This is the first time to your site. So I can't say whether I like it yet or not. But it seems to me that interest in Sasquatch is growing by leaps and bounds. So stay!!!