Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nearly had an encounter tonight

I nearly had an encounter tonight. Something thudded against the house and I went to see what it was and I found out I was home alone. So I went outside and I smelled that smell again that I have been smelling every time these creatures get close to the property. So I immediately called Autumn and I took the phone outside with me and another rock or something hit the house. I went to the bottom of the stairs on the deck and about 50 feet away from me behind a big tree something with red eyes was staring back at me. It lasted for about two minutes- I was on the phone with Autumn the whole time- until a car headlight came down the road and the eyes went out. Then one of my roommates turned on the bathroom light in the small house that sits on the property where my roommate saw a Bigfoot looking in at her a few weeks ago and whatever it was moved through the bushes back down into the ravine. Wow. It was frightening and exciting at the same time.

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lilfeathers2000 said...

Cool its all good.... Did you check the area it was standing? Find anything?
Did you happen to remember to leave it some popcorn?