Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good show tonight; Bigfoot activity in ravine behind my house

Well, we had a good show tonight despite Bob being unavailable due to a prior commitment. I did the show tonight due to the fact that I couldn't do my normal Sunday show due to technical difficulties which I have now fixed. I have Bigfoot activity going on around the property I'm living on now. Where I'm living has had a history of activity, some of it as recent as last year. Henry May, Billy Willard, and Bill Green joined me and we talked about this habitation situation. Screams have been heard in this ravine behind my house; last Monday (October 1st) one of my roommates saw the form of a Bigfoot looking in her bedroom window and she told me about it the next day. A footprint was found outside the window. It was faint and was affected by the weather but it measured 13 inches long and 7 inches wide. I tried to cast it but that didn't work. I did take pictures of it and the surrounding area. Screams and strange moans have been heard, and something was digging in out garbage can late at night last week. My cat, who's usually scared of nothing, cowers behind my bed at night and rarely goes outside, which is really unusual. I am keeping an incident journal of what's been going on here. I will publish what I have on my blog in the next few days or so.


lilfeathers2000 said...

Do you habituate? Just being nosy

Tianca said...

OK, I'm a newbie, only 27 years in researching. What is habituating?