Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Show contest; win Peter Byrne's book!

Hello everyone,I have recently came to have a paperback copy of Peter Byrne's Bigfoot book, and I don't need the book as I already have it. My show will be having a contest, starting this Sunday. This contest will give everyone a chance to win this book. I will pay for the shipping for it. Here's the contest: everyone- live listeners as well as archive listeners- sends in their show ideas and who they'd like to see be the guest on my show. I will post the ideas and who sent them on my blog page and my blogtalk page, and everyone out there in internet and blogtalk land votes on which one they like the best. At the end of the time limit I will put on the voting, whomever's idea gets the most votes wins. Okay, here are the rules: the contest starts this Sunday on my show. You can either e-mail me your ideas or post them on my blog pages. THE PERSON POSTING AN IDEA HAS TO BE ABLE TO GET ME THAT PARTICULAR GUEST THEY WANT TO HEAR ON MY SHOW. You can even nominate yourself if you so desire. The submission deadline is September 2, which is when the voting will begin. The winner will be announced on the September 9th show. Example: if Joe Blow posts an idea to have say John Green on my show and his idea gets the most votes and he gets Mr. Green to be on my show, then Joe Blow wins the book. If his idea wins but he can't get Mr. Green on my show, he doesn't get the book. Another example: say Henry May nominates himself to be on my show and his idea gets the most votes and he appears on my show, then Henry wins the book. If more than one person has the same show idea, the FIRST one that I get will be the contender; the second one will count as a vote towards the same idea as the first. I have discussed this idea with several friends of mine and they say it sounds fair. I'm hpoing to get a little more audience participation, and just to do something a little fun on my show. I thought about having a trivia contest but so many people would win it outright, so I decided on the show idea thing. The contest starts this Sunday, but since you on my e-mail list are my main listeners you guys can have a special head start on this contest starting now. I will post any results Sunday night. I will also be calling in to the X-Zone show and ask Bob Heironimous a couple of questions. Don't worry;I'll be nice. Thanks for listening.Thunderhawk


Tianca said...

You know, this isn't a bad idea. I would join in if you wanted to get one of those foot casts that they sell on Ebay! I want the one with the 'fingerprints' on it. It's late here, I can't think of the official name, but you know what I mean.

Have you seen the book about Tom Slick? I have that book on the way, because I saw a show on TV about him looking for the Yeti a few years back. It was on the Decoding The Past show put on about three weeks ago. I sent for the book, and it has been sent, so I should get it anytime now. I'm anxious to read it!!!

Slick was a multimillionaire, from an oil family in Texas, and he did some good work investigating over in the Himalayas!! He started several projects, and is a fascinating man. It is too bad he died in a plane crash some years back, because he was onto something!

I'll let you know how the book is.


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