Sunday, August 5, 2007

Great show today!

I had another great show today. It was better than last week's! Henry May and Bill Green both called in and we had a sort of round table discussion on all things Bigfoot. I'd love to do more shows like that. Not alot of activity in the chatroom but that's okay. I did have a few questions though from people in the chatroom. I also learned that my drawing has been used by Dr. John Bindernagel in his presentations. That's an honor. I will personally thank Dr. Bindernagel for that. I get more archive listeners than live listeners and I'm hoping that the archive listeners will want to tune into the live show. I even got to call in to Henry's show and ask his guests the murder-charges question I pose to all Bigfooters. I ask it to find out other people's opinions on that subject. Even though I received some very bad messages from people about my show, I will continue to do it as long as I can.

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Tianca said...

I assume that you are referring to people being charged with murder if they kill a Sasquatch. I agree that it should be made law. Our DNA is 99.99% like theirs, did you know that? So they are not an ape, they are human, and very intelligent. I could go on and on about this, but suffice it to say that we have the proof in the historical records all over the planet. Read up. Virtually every continent has a written history of some version of Sasquatch taking human females to Mate them!

OK, biology basics 101.
In order for Sasquatch to have sex with human females and produce offspring, as they have claimed to do often, their DNA would have to be very close to ours, or it wouldn't work.

Now this point, the reports come from people who had no way to know each other, had no way to make money off of doing a stunt, and had nothing to gain by admitting such in public. Many of the women were never seen again, some were even said to be happy with their new Mates and wouldn't leave!

So Sasquatch is human, and the DNA is now proving that out. Sooner or later, the scientific community will have to accept that THE DNA DOESN'T LIE. People in prison are now getting released because DNA evidence is saying they did not do the crime.

The more DNA evidence that we researchers can gather, the sooner the truth will come out. That is a fact.

So yes, I agree, if anyone shoots a Sasquatch, they will have to go to prison. If they even survive the incident.