Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Excellent show yesterday!

We had an excellent show yesterday. A gentleman named Randy from Canada was our guest and he related all his experiences to us, which are continuing to this day in an area near his home in British Columbia. He is a newcomer to the Bigfoot field, having his first experience back in 2006. He said several key things, most notably the fact that a female Sasquatch he saw had a braid in her hair and a ponytail. This is key because in M.K. Davis' analysis of the 1967 film, he found that the creature in the film had a pony tail and braid in her hair. Randy doesn't even know who M.K. Davis even is and has never heard of the things M.K. found in the 1967 film. Here we have two different people who have never met or talked who are seeing the same things, one in a 40 year old film and one in Canada who saw the same thing on a female Sasquatch in the past two years. To me this is very significant. There may be something to M.K.'s findings. Hopefully more people will be more open-minded about it. I will try to get Randy back on the show next week.

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